I don’t understand. I said I’m sorry. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

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And that’s when I knew I loved Mary

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Sexual orientation: COAT FLIP HAIR RUFFLE KISS.

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Sherlock’s hallucinations

These bits broke me. No wonder he tells Mycroft, “What life? I’ve been away!” because John’s never really been away from Sherlock these past two years. He’s there, in his mind, talking to him like he’s stood right next to him. 

AMEN to that!

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“I’ve been online and looked at all the theories and there’s one clue that everyone’s missed. It’s something that Sherlock did that was very out of character, but which nobody has picked up on.” - Steven Moffat

Sherlock has his phone (looks to me like that at least) in his hands there, hiding it cleverly in his coat sleeve most of the times.

Why? That leads to my idea related to quote above from Steven Moffat.

I am referring to the conversation between Sherlock and Jim on the roof. Sherlock is doing something out of character there: He’s asking questions, he seems confused. But only that much to not make Jim suspicious.

Sherlock: But the rhythm … 

Jim: Partita no. 1, thank you, Johann Sebastian Bach

Sherlock: But then how did you …?

And then Jim explains his entire plan how he broke in several important buildings at once. It’s not the only time in that conversation where Sherlock acts like the “dumber one” of both, of course not too bluntly so Jim doesn’t realize what’s going on.

Why does Sherlock act like he’s lost and hasn’t figured out Jim’s entire plan? So he can record what Jim is saying (in sense of a confession) on his phone, which he has in his hand/coat sleeve.

When you watch the scene again, Sherlock steps to the edge of the roof, till to that point he was acting. Then he starts laughing, cause he feels like he has won. The most important parts he probably has recorded. So he steps back down again. Now he’s back to his “normal self”. I feel like you can see it in his attitude even (comparing 2nd screenshot with 3rd)

Later, when he’s on the phone with John, Sherlock says: “This is my note.”

Before he jumps of the building, he throws the phone away, to leave it on the roof. 

Hmm, these are my thoughts to the scene so far.




It makes sense, brilliant!

Yet another awesome theory.

Sherlock texts, he doesn’t call people. IT WAS RIGHT THERE HOW DID I MISS IT! 

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I just. I think this is one of the biggest signs of how deeply Sherlock cares about John, how deeply he’s in love with him. Sherlock, who could easily starve himself to death when distracted by a case, always, always makes sure that John is fed. Without fail. Even at the start of their many adventures, when they’re in Angelo’s restaurant, Sherlock says that John “might as well eat,” since they’re on stakeout. Even though Sherlock isn’t interested in eating, himself.

Sherlock does that again and again - taking John to restaurant after restaurant, making sure that John orders something and eats it, even when Sherlock’s busy scribbling notes or hypothesizing about a case. (Just look at that bottom-left GIF. Case in point.) The message? JOHN MUST EAT, even if Sherlock does not.

And this is Sherlock, folks. A cold and asocial man who doesn’t give a rat’s arse about other people, normally. But John is the only one whose bloody eating habits Sherlock cares about, with a compulsive, clockwork attentiveness that borders on (hell, is) domestic. That level of concern is not something even average people would feel for mere ‘friends’, let alone Sherlock, who cares little enough about other people’s fiddly feelings and fiddly needs, in the first place.

Sherlock feeds John. And watches out for John, not only in the epic life-saving way, but also in the day-to-day, make-sure-John-gets-fed way.

This pattern repeats throughout canon.

Which is why I love this GIF-set.

Because it’s true.

Not so much because of the girlfriend angle, but because Sherlock is always painfully aware of John, of John’s wellbeing, his health and his happiness. Sherlock is absolutely fucking devoted. And it shows.

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